Welcome to Villa Maria Academy! We are a private Catholic elementary school owned and operated by the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal. As such it "has the freedom to create a human environment in which students are enabled to hear the message of hope contained in the Gospel and to base their love and service of God upon this Gospel message" ... To teach as Jesus did. Villa Maria is a school of Christian formation and of quality academic instruction geared to preparing students for life in today's Church and society.

God is not satisfied if we preserve the love we owe our neighbour; we must preserve our neighbour in the love he ought to have for us.

— Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys

Our educational philosophy flows from a deep respect for the uniqueness of each person. While following a basic course of instruction in all areas of curriculum, we endeavor to create a climate where both teacher and student enjoy some freedom of choice in learning environment and activities. This freedom has its concomitant responsibilities and accountability, for we are a community of people, respectful of and responsible for one another.

Samantha McKenzie

The Villa Maria Academy family mourns the heart-breaking loss of Sixth-Grade student, Samantha McKenzie. Samantha passed into eternal life on May 5th. Her death was due to complications associated with aplastic anemia. The entire Villa family is joined in prayers for Samantha and her parents, family and friends. (read more)

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